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ACE provides continuing education courses and informational seminars for insurance adjusters, insurance agents, contractors (water mitigation contractors, mold remediators and general contractors), insurance carriers, risk managers, facility engineers and property managers. The educational classes provide assistance with present or future catastrophic environmental losses such as:


Action Consulting & Environmental Services
Mold Inspections and Consultation


  • Mold Assessments

  • Mold Remediation Protocols

  • Mold Clearance Testing

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

  • Mold Remediation Consultation

  • Indoor Environmental Diagnostics

  • Mold Remediation

  • Peer Reviews


Action Consulting & Environmental Services
Bacteria Testing and Consultation


  • Sewage Backup Assessment

  • Bacteria Testing

  • Bacteria Assessments and Reports

  • Bacteria Peer Reviews



Action Consulting & Environmental Services
Methamphetamine Inspections


  • Methamphetamine Sampling

  • Methamphetamine Assessments and Reports


Action Consulting & Environmental Services
Water Damage Assessments and Consultation


  • Water Damage Inspection Assessments and Reports

  • Moisture Mapping

  • Moisture Content and Atmospheric Measurements

  • Water Damage Mitigation Management and Consultation

  • Water Damage Mitigation Peer Reviews





Action Consulting & Environmental Services
VOC Testing (Volatile Organic Compound) – IAQ Home Survey Inspection Report


  • TVOC – Total Volatile Organic Compounds

  • TMVOC – Total Microbial Volatile Organic Compound

  • CI – Contamination Index

  • Significant VOCs

  • EPA Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)


Action Consulting & Environmental Services
Fire & Smoke Contamination Investigation


  • Fire Assessments

  • Fire Remediation/Restoration Procedures

  • Fire Clearance Testing

  • Fire Remediation/Restoration Consultation


ACE will prepare concise, efficient and clear assessments and reports. Clients will receive quick response time from testing to report submission. Mold reports are submitted in as little as 48-72 hours from the date of assessment and sampling.


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